Late Summer Update

We scouted crops yesterday with Adam heading north of Council Bluffs and myself heading south of Council Bluffs. There is a pretty distinctive line defining crop conditions that runs along Highway 6. North and east of Highway 6 both corn and soybean conditions have deteriorated significantly over the past two weeks with heat and moisture stress showing in both crops. South and east of Council Bluffs the crops are in better condition and tolerating the lack of moisture and heat better. Most corn is in the dent stage and starting to dry down. The corn north of Council Bluffs is turning brown rapidly and the corn south of Council Bluffs is still pretty green. Some chopping is going on north of Council Bluffs. All soybeans are maturing rapidly and most are still filling pods. Soybeans north of Council Bluffs are yellowing while most beans south of Council Bluffs are still green, depending on maturing and planting date. I believe that most corn and soybeans south of Council Bluffs will achieve average to slightly above average yields but I am afraid that crops north of Council Bluffs will struggle to achieve average yields. I think it will be an early start to harvest this year with harvest activity starting in mid to late September.