Mid Summer Update

The spring started off cool and wet and summer turned hot and dry.  Luckily rains have been very timely in southwest Iowa and overall the crops look good.  Corn has tasseled and pollinated.  In general, pollination was excellent and large full ears are developing.  There was a little tip back due to heat and moisture stress but overall pollination went very well.  Soybeans are blooming and starting to set pods.  Soil moisture is adequate but another timely rain would be very beneficial to both corn and soybeans.  This week’s weather looks good with cooler temperatures and chances of rain mid to late week.  There have been a lot of Japanese beetles in the area and they have been feeding on corn silks and soybean leaves. I don’t expect yields to be as good as 2016 but above average yields should be attainable.

With continued normal summer and fall weather I would expect above average corn and soybean yields in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.