Late Winter/Spring Update

Spring is rapidly approaching and winter is coming to an end.  Throughout the winter our management team has been attending land auctions and analyzing the results.  It is clear that high quality farmland is holding it’s value better than low quality farmland.  Demand for high quality farmland remains strong with very active bidding from farmers and investors.  Demand for low quality farmland is down with very little interest being shown by farmers or investors.

Thien Farm Management, Inc. is conducting an auction on February 9, 2017 at 10:30 AM in Walnut, Iowa.  For complete details follow this link: Complete Sale Bill.  For more information on this auction or other recent farmland sales please contact us directly.

Commodity prices remain low and have been trading between and very tight range all winter.  Due to record corn and soybeans production in 2016 we expect commodity prices to remain low into the near future.  This spring South American soybean production will be hitting the world markets which may drive soybean prices even lower.

Thien Farm Management, Inc. is shifting our focus to upcoming cash rental payments and planting season.  Cash rental payments are due March 1st.  We have been in close contact with our tenants and believe that payments will be made in a timely manner this spring.  Overall cash rental rates are down between 5-10% compared to 2016.  Planting season will run from April 10th through May 31st for corn and soybeans in SW Iowa.

The spring will start off with excellent soil moisture due to rainfall this fall and winter.  As we near Spring, Thien Farm Management, Inc. hoping for excellent growing conditions and better prices!