Late Summer Crop Conditions

In general corn and soybean crops in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska look very good.  Corn is maturing rapidly and is in the dent stage of production.  There is some late season leaf disease in the corn crop such as grey leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight but I don’t expect significant yield loss due to the late growth stage of the corn. The corn crop should mature and dry down in September and we expect harvest to begin in late September to early October on early maturity hybrids and mid to late October for full season hybrids.  Soybeans are also maturing rapidly and are setting and filling pods depending on plant date.  There is a lot of vegetative growth and pod set was not quite as heavy as I anticipated but there is still very good yield potential.  The soybean crop should mature in September and we expect harvest to begin and run through October.  I believe in most cases corn and soybean yields will be above average and is some cases I expect near record yields, especially for corn.