How are the Yields?

This is a question I have been getting a lot lately. While harvest is only just beginning, some harvest results are staring to be reported. In southwest Iowa the yields have been better than expected. Tough planting conditions followed by hot and dry July and August had many producers, including myself, a little pessimistic about the final results of the 2017 growing year. So far soybean yields have been above average with whole farm averages ranging from 56 bushels per acre to 67 bushels per acre. These yields are 5 to 15 bushels per acre above the 10-year Approved Production History (APH) yield.  I am hopeful these good yields continue for the soybeans that have not yet been harvested.

The current weather pattern has put all harvesting on hold in eastern Nebraska and most of Iowa. Rain has been falling off and on nearly all week. Once the rain stops several days of dry weather will be needed for the crops to dry down and for the fields to become suitable for harvest equipment. Rushing to harvest before the field conditions are ready can have lasting impacts to the property. It is still early October, with plenty of harvest opportunity remaining this fall, waiting for improved field conditions may be hard, but necessary to prevent damage to the land.