Fall 2019 Harvest Update

Harvest is well underway in SW Iowa, however we are a couple weeks behind normal harvest progress due to late season rains.  Most operators have been focusing on getting the soybeans out and will be finishing soon and switching to corn.  Soybean yields have been variable and range from 50 to 65 bushels per acre depending on location and planting date.  In some cases later planted soybeans are out yielding early planted soybeans.  Some early maturing corn has been harvested and yields are good on well drained farms and average to below average on poorly drained farms.  Well drained farm are yielding at or above 200 bushels per acre and poorly drained farms are yielding around 150-170 bushels per acre.  The forecast looks good for harvest progress and I expect most operators to finish beans next week and quickly move on to corn.  Current prices into Council Bluffs are $3.75/bushel on corn and $8.55/bushel on soybeans.  Overall, both corn and soybean prices have been steady this fall.