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Mid-Summer Crop Conditions

In general corn and soybeans in SW Iowa and Eastern NE look pretty good.  Most corn in the area is now tasseling and silking and developing rapidly.  Although most soybeans were planted later than normal they have grown rapidly over the past couple of week and are now blooming and close to canopy.  Timely rains… Read more »

Planting Progress and Crop Condition

Nearly all of the corn and soybeans on our managed properties is now planted.  We will have some prevented planting on a small amount of corn and soybean acres.  Persistent rainfall and excessive moisture will delay or prevent any additional soybeans from being planted as fields will remain too wet to plant for at least… Read more »

Spring Planting Update

Very little, if any, planting progress has been made over the past two weeks.  All of the corn on our managed acres is planted and looks good.  The corn is between 3-5 inches tall and is waiting for some sunny weather and heat units.  Only 10-15% of our managed soybean acres have been planted and… Read more »

Spring Planting Progress

This spring is off to a slow start with persistent rain and cooler temperatures.  Nearly 100% of the corn on our managed acres is planted and most has emerged.  Excess moisture has caused some minor flooding and ponding on bottomland acres and small pockets of corn may need to be re-planted on some farms.  Scattered… Read more »

Spring Planting Underway

Corn planting is in full swing this week on our managed farms.  Field conditions are excellent and have dried out and warmed up substantially over the past couple of days.  With continued good planting weather a majority of the corn acres in the area should be planted within the next 2 weeks.  Soybean planting will… Read more »

Client Website Log-In Active

Our new online client account access has been established and is now active for clients who notified us that they wanted online availability of account information.  We will begin posting monthly accounting and farm information to the website in early May.  If you haven’t signed up yet please let us know if you would like… Read more »