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New Farm Listing- Mills County, Iowa

NEW LISTING- 100 Acres, More or Less. Section 19 of Plattville Township, Mills County, Iowa. Property offers very high quality Missouri River Bottomland soils with an average CSR 2 of 84.3. Nearly 100% Tillable. 79% Class 1, 13% Class 2, and 8% Class 3 Soils. Excellent Access and Close Proximity to Ethanol and Soybean Processors…. Read more »

Harvest Progress 2

This week corn and soybean harvest is off to a strong start.  Most operators have started on soybeans and are waiting on corn to dry down a little bit more.  Soybean yields in SW Iowa have been between 50-70 bushels per acre depending on planting date and early season wetness issues.  Corn yields in SW Iowa… Read more »

Harvest Progress

Harvest has started in some areas of SW Iowa on early maturity corn.  Yields have ranged from 170-200 bushels per acre so far but this is only a very small sample of the overall area.  Most full season corn is still testing 19-27% moisture so corn harvest will not be in full swing for a… Read more »

Harvest Just Getting Started

Harvest is just getting underway in SW Iowa. Early maturity corn (100-105 day) is starting to come out and early yield indications are very good. Mid to Late maturity corn still has some drying to do and is still several weeks from being ready to harvest. Soybeans are yellowing and should be ready to harvest… Read more »

Late Summer Crop Conditions

In general corn and soybean crops in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska look very good.  Corn is maturing rapidly and is in the dent stage of production.  There is some late season leaf disease in the corn crop such as grey leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight but I don’t expect significant yield loss due… Read more »

Summer Crop Conditions

Crop conditions is SW Iowa and Eastern NE range from good to excellent.  Although there were some areas with planting delays due to excessive moisture this spring the crops have rebounded nicely and are maturing rapidly.  Nearly all of the corn in the area is now tasseled, silked, and pollinated.  Soybeans are blooming and starting… Read more »