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Early Spring Update

Cash rental payments were due March 1st and all payments to our clients were made in a timely manner.  Although there is some financial stress in the industry our tenants continue to make timely payments and take great care of the land.  Spring planting season is just around the corner with corn typically being planted… Read more »

Late Winter/Spring Update

Spring is rapidly approaching and winter is coming to an end.  Throughout the winter our management team has been attending land auctions and analyzing the results.  It is clear that high quality farmland is holding it’s value better than low quality farmland.  Demand for high quality farmland remains strong with very active bidding from farmers and… Read more »

2017 Cash Rent Leases

We are starting to receive a lot of calls from landowners regarding cash rental rates and terms for 2017. Nearly all of our cash rent leases have been terminated either by us or by the tenant. All indications are that tenants want to remain on the property for 2017 but need adjustments to rental rates… Read more »

2016 Early Summer Update

Corn and soybean crops in SW Iowa are generally in good to excellent condition.  Corn ranges from waist high to chest high and is in a very rapid state of development.  All corn has been post-sprayed and weed control is good.  Most corn is nearing or at canopy which should provide weed control for the… Read more »

June 2016 Planting Progress

All corn acres are planted and/or replanted and are generally in good condition.  Upland farms look great but excess moisture has stressed bottomland farms.  Nearly all of our soybeans are planted and in good condition.  However there are some acres on the Missouri River bottoms that have yet to be planted.  With warm and dry… Read more »