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2018 Early Summer Update

In general corn and soybeans in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska were planted in a very timely manner.  Although we had cooler than normal early spring temperatures the recent warm/hot weather pattern has pushed along both crops very rapidly.  Both corn and soybeans are maturing quickly and I would say we are currently ahead of… Read more »

Spring 2018

We had a late start to spring in SW Iowa but the weather has finally turned warmer and forecasts for continued good weather look promising. A lot of fieldwork was completed over the past two weeks with late spring NH3 application, tillage, and dry fertilizer work being completed.  Corn planting in our area started this… Read more »

Spring 2018 Commodity Marketing Strategy

Spring is rapidly approaching with warmer temperatures finally in sight.  As a reminder to all clients and tenants, cash rents are due on or before March 1, 2018.  Commodity prices remain relatively low and in line with prices we have seen over the past three years.  The past week there has been an improvement in… Read more »

AgPro Magazine Article

Click to see AgPro Magazine article that David Thien AFM, ALC contributed to: AgPro Artilce 2018

How are the Yields?

This is a question I have been getting a lot lately. While harvest is only just beginning, some harvest results are staring to be reported. In southwest Iowa the yields have been better than expected. Tough planting conditions followed by hot and dry July and August had many producers, including myself, a little pessimistic about… Read more »

Mid Summer Update

The spring started off cool and wet and summer turned hot and dry.  Luckily rains have been very timely in southwest Iowa and overall the crops look good.  Corn has tasseled and pollinated.  In general, pollination was excellent and large full ears are developing.  There was a little tip back due to heat and moisture… Read more »