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Fall 2019 Harvest Update

Harvest is well underway in SW Iowa, however we are a couple weeks behind normal harvest progress due to late season rains.  Most operators have been focusing on getting the soybeans out and will be finishing soon and switching to corn.  Soybean yields have been variable and range from 50 to 65 bushels per acre… Read more »

2019 Spring Update

Conditions is SW Iowa and Eastern NE are extremely wet and unsuitable for planting. Most upland farms have corn in the ground but very few soybeans are planted. Bottom farms are swamped with some corn planted but virtually no soybeans. With the cold and extremely wet spring we have had so far, reaching trendline/average yields… Read more »

2019 Early Spring Update

Spring is finally here and weather conditions are improving in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.  Spring field work, fertilizer applications, and herbicide applications are underway as farmers hit the fields.  Corn planting is in full swing in our area and soybean planting should start soon.  Overall field conditions are good for planting but the topsoil… Read more »

2018 Late Fall Update

This years harvest started out fast and furious but has slowed to a crawl with excess moisture, snow, and below normal temperatures.  Operators have had to jump from field to field and harvest wherever field conditions are suitable. Corn harvest is nearing completion and should be wrapped up within the next week.  Soybean harvest is… Read more »

2018 Early Fall Update

Fall harvest started in late September and has been on again off again ever since due to excessive rain in the last week of September and first two weeks of October.  Some corn and soybeans have been harvested with excellent yield results, however very few whole farms are complete due to weather delays.  At the… Read more »

2018 Late Summer Update

Crop conditions in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska remain in good to excellent condition overall.  Timely rains and moderate temperatures have provided excellent growing conditions for rapidly maturing crops.  The region is ahead on schedule on growing degree days and most crops were planted in a very timely manner.  I expect a relatively early harvest… Read more »