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2020 Year End Review

2020 Year End Review David Thien President, AFM, ALC, Broker The 2020 growing season provided many challenges for agriculture, some we are familiar with, such as tight margins and variable weather, and some we were not familiar with, being the Derecho wind event and COVID-19.  Overall, the agricultural sector has proven to be very resilient… Read more »

Late Summer Update

We scouted crops yesterday with Adam heading north of Council Bluffs and myself heading south of Council Bluffs. There is a pretty distinctive line defining crop conditions that runs along Highway 6. North and east of Highway 6 both corn and soybean conditions have deteriorated significantly over the past two weeks with heat and moisture… Read more »

Spring Update 5/15/20

Corn and soybean planting is nearly complete in SW Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Dry conditions this spring allowed for a very rapid planting pace and excellent planting conditions. Most corn is emerged and looking pretty good. Soybeans have germinated and some are starting to emerge. Recent frost damaged some corn but with the growing point… Read more »

Early Spring Update

Corn planting is well underway in Iowa and Nebraska. Warming soil temperatures and relatively dry conditions have given farmers a great opportunity to get started with planting, fertilizing, and spraying. Corn planting will continue for the next couple of weeks followed closely by soybean planting. Commodity prices continue to fall and are at very low… Read more »

COVID-19 Effect on Agriculture

It is very difficult to project how the virus will effect agriculture into the future, however there will be impacts during the 2020 growing season. My goal is not to alarm people and/or clients but want to put some of this into context. First of all people and animals still need to eat and the… Read more »

Early Spring Update 2020

Early Spring is off to a relatively warm and dry start. Field conditions are dry and have allowed for early field work, fertilizer application, and clean-up. The warm and dry conditions have allowed farmers to make significant progress on cleaning up and repairing flood damaged fields from the 2019 flood. The Missouri River is higher… Read more »