2016 Early Summer Update

Corn and soybean crops in SW Iowa are generally in good to excellent condition.  Corn ranges from waist high to chest high and is in a very rapid state of development.  All corn has been post-sprayed and weed control is good.  Most corn is nearing or at canopy which should provide weed control for the remainder of the growing season.  Although the recent hot/dry weather has caused some stress with normal growing conditions I would expect average to slightly above average yields in 2016.  Soybean range between 3-10″ tall depending on planting date as some planting was delayed by excessive early season moisture.  Most pre-emergent herbicides worked fairly well to hold off early season grasses and broadleaves.  Post emergent spraying is ongoing on the early planted soybeans and will continue for the next week or so.  Most post-emergent herbicide application have included a “burner” to help with control of Roundup resistant broadleaves.  Again the recent hot/dry weather has caused some stress and delayed emergence but overall the soybean crop looks pretty good.  With continued normal weather I would expect average yields in 2016.  David Thien AFM